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Pogo chat room commands

pogo chat room commands

I would, of course, whisper back "thank you" even though I'd be thinking "if I'm the best Canasta player AlsoConfused has ever seen, then this must be the first time he's ever played!".
Here's how the menu generally works: If you want to turn something ON, make sure there's a check mark in front of it by clicking on the option in the menu.
You can use /unmute * to unmute everyone as well /emote allows you to send an emotive message.How does it work?To remove such a check mark, click on the option in the menu until the check mark disappears.This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc., or its licensors.For example, best free app for video chat LOL site for chatting online free means "laughing out loud".Show Emoticons: Shows or hides emoticons in chat.To do this, find the person's screen name on the chat area list, right click on the name, and choose Mute.Can I prevent someone from inviting me to Private Chat, for whatever reason?If you subscribe to, bean's Twitch channel, you can use the commands below.For example, if you want to say "hi" to the room, say like this: /e says hi all, the text which appears in the chat will look like this: Your Screen Name) says hi all.The PAL team usually responds within just a few minutes, but you may not always see their action.What do some of the chat abbreviations (i.e., gg, lol, etc.) mean?Simply click on the Chat Options button and un-check Show Chat.It allows you to have a separate chat with someone else in the room while the main chat is going.