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Party line chat room

Room blocks, allows, greetings, moderator codes, and all other settings will be gone.
The red music symbol turns the caller's volume down.Your rooms start with the party line number followed by a - and then the room number.For your india chat com online free chat safety, and everyone else's we kc campbell nude florida do not allow anyone to have access to complete telephone numbers on our system.To add a caller to your block list free no registration sex chats press 1, to remove a caller from your block list press 2, to delete your entire block list press 3, to browse through all callers on your block list that you can unblock press 4, to add.You should then delete them off of your room block list since they are no longer needed on there, and will just clutter up your list over time.Star 7 Go forward one room.The message will be waiting in your mailbox the next time you call LiveMatch.If this is selected all callers will go into the room on mute.13) Display the talking bubble.As long as you are on the allow list you will always be able to enter the room.If you are a room owner you will only see your one room.The default is set to 0 which means your room will hold unlimited callers.Only do this if you want to unblock everyone from your entire system.For example room 1 on the party line.If you need to unblock someone from a room on your system you would click on room block, scroll through the list until you found their area code and last 2 digits, and click on delete beside their number.Announce the room count is when a caller first enters the room it tells them how many callers are inside the room.
If you want a room restored to your default settings you must delete the room first.
You can add and remove features, load room greetings in wav format, and even change the room size to hold as many people as you like.

Enter the 2 digit year, month, and day to start from, then enter the 2 digit year, month, and day to end.
Star 81 Mute or Unmute all callers.