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In addition, Persistent Chat rooms free phone video chat operate under the rules of a category.
Background, two days ago, I was going through the list of SE chat rooms to find some funny/weird stuff.2-, member Of tab: Shows all rooms that you are a member of 3-, followed tab: Only rooms you follow appear in this tab.In the end, I wasn't disappointed.Lets get started 1) Log in to your Lync server that hosts your Lync Control Panel.This way you can send a long message and it does not have to consume the entire area of your conversation history.If you want to allow only a particular set of users (a central helpdesk, or only full-time employees) to create rooms, you can scope the.Normal where only Presenters can post and everyone can read.This way you type your message once and you are sure it reaches all room that you selected.Lync Server 2013, topic Last Modified:, user access to Persistent Chat rooms is managed by membership; users must be members of a chat room to be able to post and read messages.During the course of the day you can see message unread count for all rooms that you are following.The federated users are added as disabled principals.Creators list can create new chat rooms in that category.Sending stories is easy.To do so, follow the below: Set-CsPersistentChatRoom -Identity Help -Members @Addsip: Example: Side note: *While in the Lync Server Management Shell, you can always type get-help in front of your cmdlet and it will offer suggestions on how to proceed.Stories are great because they can be long IMs, can have titles, and can be collapsed/expanded from within the conversation history area.You can then add these users and groups to the membership of your room categories.You can use this to segregate chat rooms based on business need and access policies.As part of creating and managing chat room categories, the Persistent Chat administrator can configure principals (Active Directory Domain Services groups, containers, and users) that have access to be members or creators of chat rooms of a particular category.Creators property enables you to control who can create chat rooms in that category.
AllowedMembers group can be designated.
Note: In Lync Server 2013, Persistent Chat Server, we do not support access to federated users.