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Fallout 4 free cam mode

The quest is given to you by Deacon after your first talk with the Railroad leader.
When you're ready to leave, type coc ufocrashsite01 (again, with a live strip cam free space) in the console.You will then encounter the Sentry Bot.Once you access the console, enter coc qasmoke (don't forget the space) to access the room.Find a flat area and drop the item/book, then send Dogmeat a few feet away.In Sanctuary, you will get a quest from a man called Sturges, who will provide you with the basis of the crafting thing.Once you are in Oberland, head directly east until you see a downed UFO on fire.Easy Cryogun: You can find the Cryogun in a case before you leave Vault 111.Science (1 Extra Guess when hacking Terminals) Location: Malden Middle School / Vault 75 (2:04) Requirement: Loot Access Card from Gunner Commander inside this vault.Continue cycling shooting and healing Dogmeat, pausing to speak with Curie when needed to boost your relationship.Surviving long drops: Save the game just before hitting the ground after falling from a fatal height.Exit the elevator, and go right and proceed up to the next level.general item codes- Bottlecap F Stimpak Rad Away Fusion Core - 00075FE4 Nuka-Cola Quantum F -bobblehead codes- Perception Bobblehead - 00178B5D -legendary weapon codes- Grognak's Axe - ff002c79 Kremvh's Tooth - 00225b5e Shem Drowne Sword - ff00364a Lorenzo's Artifact Gun - ff001a74 Shishkebab - ff001532.
Move all the Crafting stations and clean the fallen tables, couches etc.