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Creating a chat room in python

creating a chat room in python

The idea behind that is simple, for out chat application for instance, brooke campbell porn instead of quering the server every X seconds just make a request and wait wait until the server prints something into the request.
Misc, applications and Projects, all play boy chat articles in, python.TextField(blankTrue, nullTrue) objects RoomManager # custom manager class Meta unique_together belongs_to_type 'belongs_to_id def say(self, type, sender, message 'Say something in le chat' m Message(self, type, sender, message) ve return m def messages(self, afterNone m lter(roomself) if after: m lter(pk_gtafter) return m def _unicode self return.Server responds messages serialized in json format.Type 'l return s has left.' nder elif self.We have to finish this project in 4 to 6 weeks and we cannot take the risk of messing around with yet another technology (although I will keep this djangocomet link bookmarked for future use).Besides that I also defined a custom model manager in the line 06, I added a couple of utility functions for the creation of rooms and the quick retrieval of rooms: class RoomManager(nager 'Custom model manager for rooms, this is used for "table-level" operations' def.The philosophy that I have for this application is: Extreme low coupling with the rest of the apps.Smilies: Members can put smilies in their posts using smiley codes.It turns out theres this Comet model to allow persistent or long lived http requests.Internationalization capable, bare with me as I struggle to respect those two aspects.So first of all we create a chat room model.This happens because for every open connection Apache assigns either a thread or a child process to the request.Client attaches new messages to the message box.
This will also be translator AKA i18l friendly.' girl in cam if self.

Slang/Abuse Filter: Common English Slangs will be automatically filtered and replaced with some other text.
Private Chat: Members can use the private chat feature.