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Chat rooms to find drugs

chat rooms to find drugs

Microsoft has announced that it will be closing its msn chat rooms in 28 countries.
After countless months of reading press clippings about the pathetic state of windows security, the folks in redmond, wash., have decided to fight back with one of their strongest weaponspublic relations.
Drug Enforcement Agency in order to conduct business over the Internet, even if it has registered as a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.
Got an idea let apple design one and then nick.There are filters which are as far as i know pretty effective against this stuff and there's a real simple device which one can put on one's internet access to prevent little johnny or jane from getting to the net at all without mom.And while the bill that bears his name is a step in the right direction, it only addresses the supply side of the problem.Robitussin cough syrup is classified as a Schedule V drug.(10:36am est fri jan 02 2004) yeah, yeah, ms found another exscuse to make more money!However, as a former moderator of a chat room, i also know that you don't just ban aliases, gay spy cams you can ban ip live sex chennal addresses and there is all sorts of software out there to assist you in your task of removing people who are persistent pests.(1:02am est tue sep 30 2003) as if the only crap and pornographic content is coming from rooms in the middle east, africa, asia!The ban was related to microsoft's 2001 settlement with sun, in which it agreed to cease support of the microsoft java virtual machine from january 2004.In the current (november) issue of pc pro, however, editor james morris writes: microsoft us has banned the inclusion of any of its code on magazine discs.And i am only.One more thing is it coz they're afraid of the ppl's response in the united states while other countries doesn't really care?It is not fair!I can see right through all of this.They way i see it the only ones that will pay to chat are the ones who spam and sell porn and stalk little children so have fun with there money.That would free doctor chat line be an enormous undertakingare they on drugs?Who needs a girlfriend or friends for that matter when you've got science.A 2004 study of prescription drug abuse in the United States found that.2 million Americans had abused prescription drugs with 2 million being dependent on that abuse.Or at least consult a real physician - not an Internet site.By jrink point of view (3:00pm est wed sep 24 2003) all that will happen is that they will turn to the hundreds of chat programs that can downloaded free.
By.f re: ms hurts everyone (8:07am est thu sep 25 2003) that would be a great article if it were in the right place and with a more personal byline.
This provision would address the primary harm caused by rogue Internet pharmacies: dispensing controlled substances on a large scale without a legitimate medical purpose.