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Biological sex isn't real

Trans activists are forcefully exploiting peoples weak knowledge of chromosomes hormones.
Most obviously, check out Riley.His un-researched article is being widely condemned as the hateful screed that it is; ten years from now, the Sun-Times will be free chatting online indonesia embarrassed to have printed.Thats pretty offensive to the billions of women men who dont fit the perfect model.This is characterised by ambiguous and/or poorly formed genitalia, rarely with a uterus and fallopian tubes.It is not entirely implausible to suggest categories based on such political realities rather than purely biological ones.Maybe Ive been around the block a few more times, but Im vividly aware that people come in all shapes sizes.NHS, you should be deeply ashamed.So what do they do?Crucially, we only feel the need to assign children a sex in the first place because of gender, because our society is structured around the idea that two divergent kinds of bodies should meet, couple, and reproduce.Its a narcissistic and deluded fixation, turned into a political ideology, sold to liberals who become all empathetic when they hear about depression, suicidality, bullying, discrimination, and violence faced by a marginalized class.My hair is better than his TBH.A categorization can be objectively real, or it can be a social construct.Most have a masculine identity; all are infertile.