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Ace attorney chat room

Attorney Online, attorney Online, abbreviated AO, is a roleplaying chatroom based primarily in the Ace Attorney universe.
This window is known as the Client.
Change Character will bring you back to free automated sex chat the character selection screen.This is a handy tool when a case is underway, as well for typing out commands.Sporting hundreds of player-made characters, court cases and abstract roleplays, AO has been a tight-knit community for well over 5 years.First off, the drop down menu marked Normal is your emote drop down menu.Change Character, Reload Theme, Call Mod.Display Screen, the display screen is where youll see the sprite, background, name, and text of other players or yourself.That will allow you to use another character and there is also an option to change the server you are.Leaving it unchecked skips the emotes pre-animation.Double clicking an emote button will automatically check your sprites "pre" animation.This thin, empty, gray line between your buttons and display screen is the IC Text Line.The music is organized with the titles.Once you press enter, it will appear on the display screen for everyone to see.C 11 10, updated Aug 6, 2018 tsuserver3, forked from, an Attorney Online server.Remake of the old Attorney Online client lawyer-simulator drama-machine.Here is where you select your Ace Attorney music to play during trials, to better immerse yourself into the case.You type both messages and commands here.Orange is for testimonies title, blue is used for thinking when between parentheses and yellow is used on AA for robots and machines, although it is not used too much.OOC Chat Bar, hidden camera girl bed orgasm this long Dark gray empty bar is where you click to type things into OOC.If you are a fan of Ace Attorney, you know full well what these three statements mean.You signed in with another tab or window.Attorney Online is a place where you can RP with others in a courtroom drama environment.